Every night I will go to bed knowing my plan for the next day, I do this in the form of a quick an easy to-do list.

However a few nights ago I got lazy as I only had 1 thing In my mind that I needed to do so I didn’t bother making a list…big mistake!

As a result, I woke up late and with very little drive and found the first 2 hours of my day wasted scrolling on my phone, then I became annoyed that I had wasted two hours. I also didn’t want to do my 1 job too soon because then I knew I wouldn’t be productive or busy for the rest of my day…stupid right!

So how did I solve this problem, well I went and looked at previous lists that I had made and looked for the things that I felt I didn’t do as best as I could have or things I wanted to revisit and improve on. From now on, I always write a list, even if I only have 1 important thing to do. I will add in tasks like read some of my book, take a bath or do a longer walk. This way I still feel like I'm being productive and doing things that will still benefit me.

Why do I need a to-do list?

For me it keeps me focused and stops me scrolling through my phone (AKA procrastination). Also by having something visual to look at means that once its all completed I feel I’ve had a productive day, and I mean there's no better feeling than ticking all your jobs off is there?

Another benefit of writing a to do list, is I've found it betters my sleep, it's literally the last thing i do before bed, it helps me empty my brain of things I need to do so I'm not sat up worrying about them. I can switch my brain off and focus on sleep!

A list also means that I’m able to keep on top of my goals, the to-do list works well for me when keeping on track of my food, I will plan in my food prep, remind myself to drink 3 litres of water a day and factor in walks so I get my 10,000 steps in.

By doing this well every single day means that I build very good lifestyle habits that will help me keep on top of my physical and mental health. This will lead to many benefits in life. I’ll have more energy so I'm able to do more of the things I enjoy doing. Over all, I’ll be far more productive getting lots more done and be able to get everything out of life that I want…who doesn’t want that!

Try it tonight, grab your notes on your phone and write down everything you need or want to do. Then filter it down to tasks that can be done the next day.