Today is an exciting, (and maybe a little stressful) day as we are preparing for the launch of our fitness app. This app has been in the making for over 2 years and in topic of conversation for over 3!

As you can imagine, we are very excited to finally launch. BTBY app is a quicker and more efficient way to access your online membership. Did you know the average person has over 40 apps on their phones and we use at least 6 daily!! No wonder fitness apps are the new craze.

You are probably wondering what's included? We have on-demand workouts that you can do from home, (including hiit, yoga, strength, low impact and maternity and loads more), lots of healthy and easy to prepare recipes, a fitness plan to complete in a gym or at home, (ideal if you prefer to train at your own pace), and finally an educational centre, where we answer all the biggest fitness, nutrition and mindset questions you may have, it's a bit like having PT's in your phone and for a fraction of the price and half the hassle.

This is actually the reason behind us creating BTBY app, we want to make fitness accessible to ALL. We understand personal training can be considered a luxury expense so having a membership on your phone is a great way to help everyone get advice and guidance from a team of highly qualified PT's.

You can download our app in the app store to see what all the fuss is about!

We hope you enjoy it!

Shauna and the app team.