The solution most need to start losing fat isn't endless cardio or harsh diets, it is to get your NEAT up!! (NON EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS). This is the calories you burn from everyday activities, such as walking, breathing, or walking up the stairs etc.

By tracking your step count and hitting a certain NEAT level, you (depending on your weight), can burn up to 500 calories more, without having to endure a killer spin class. This could be the difference between hitting a deficit and not.

Why 10,000? Well this is what we recommend to people who work in an office and that don’t have an active job. Simple little hacks like this will help you raise your NEAT without seemly doing exercise. For some this will be easy and for others this will require forcing yourself our for a walk. If this is unrealistic, start smaller and build it up. Any more activity than usual will help.

On average the calories we burn in the gym only add up to about 10% of all of our calories burned in a single day, so the more we move for the other 90% of the day, will make life so much easier to help you meet your fat loss goals. The little things will always add up to a bigger picture… imagine if every time you went to the shops you parked at the furthest point from the door this could give you an extra 100 steps in that one trip or just by using the stairs and not the lift. This could be the big difference to helping you meet your goals.