I write this blog from the comfort of my home on a Sunday, deep in the middle of lockdown due to Covid 19, the gyms have been shut for just over 6 weeks now and like a fair chunk of people in the UK I had just started my summer cut to get in reasonable shape for a few planned holidays.

I had dropped my calories and worked out my macros to fit a plan that has worked for me in the past, along with my training and the amount of calories I'd burn in a normal days work and I was sure this would get me to my summer goal, this however was flipped upside down due to being locked inside apart from my hour of daily outdoor exercise (government guidelines) so back to the plan book.

How would I make sure that I moved enough to burn enough calories to meet my goal? The simple answer would be to just eat fewer calories, however I love food and dropping to lower than 2000 calories for a person weighing 110kg would just make me grumpy, unmotivated and more likely to not meet the goal…I’m only human. Therefore I needed to up my activity levels, on average a normal gym workout for me I’d burn around 400 to 500 calories and realistically I’d struggle to do this with my home workouts so I needed more.

The solution was to get my NEAT up, this is the calories I burn from everyday activities and track it so I could keep consistent. So I brought myself a reasonably cheap smart watch to track my steps and calories burnt each day. The goal is to hit 10,000 per day, this would mean on average I burn 600 calories a day meaning that I create a manageable calorie deficit to help me lose enough fat for that summer body I’m after.

Why 10,000? Well this is what we recommend to people who work in an office and that don’t have an active job. Simple little hacks like this will help you raise your NEAT without seemly doing exercise.

On average the calories we burn in the gym only add up to about 10% of all of our calories burned in a single day so the more we move for the other 90% of the day will make life so much easier to help you meet your weight loss/fat loss goals. The little things will always add up to a bigger picture…imagine if every time you went to the shops you parked at the furthest point from the door this could give you an extra 100 steps in that one trip or just by using the stairs and not the lift. This could be the big difference to helping you meet your goals.