I recently made a post about whether you would still train, if training had no impact on our appearance. Admittedly, some said no, but over 80% said Yes, they would still train if exercise had no impact on our appearance.

This made me wonder why the majority of people do in fact train?? Do they enjoy it, do they like the social element, do they go just to see the fit trainer or is it the incredible results it has on mental health and mood.

Personally, If I was going to answer this, I would of course say yes however I would probably train a little differently to how I do now. Maybe less often or for shorter periods of time and probably less gym based ( Nothing beats the great outdoors). So it's clear that I do in fact do some training purely for aesthetic reasons but of course, I would still train.

The main reason I started running and participating in martial arts as my two main forms of training, is because I noticed the HUGE impact it had on my mental health. I have always struggled with anxiety and I found running and martial arts a great relief after a stressful day, mainly because when in the boxing ring you can't think about anything else other than what you're doing, if your mind slips for even a second, bamn…... you’ll get hit. Running is a little different, I find when I'm stressed or anxious I run a lot faster and release a lot of adrenaline in my run, whereas boxing is solely taking your mind off life for an hour or so.

Don't get me wrong I do love weight training but If I'm being honest this is probably more for the aesthetic reasons and to look and feel strong. I probably wouldn't say weight training benefited my mental health, however for some it might. Everyone is different.

Find a form of physical activity that you love and not only will you see the physical benefits, I promise you’ll find some massive increases in mood and mental health.

Fitness is sooooo much more than growing a booty or getting bigger biceps, it’s a perk. Fitness is having a healthy body and a healthy mind, and it’s quite clear to me that exercise can bring both.