Is face to face PT dead?

I saw a post the other day that said like everything else, face to face PT is dying out and online apps and coaches are taking over. Now as the owner of a fitness app, I don’t completely disagree, I think the Covid lockdowns were actually a massive push in getting people training online as this was our only option and it’s no denying that the way the world is going, everything is becoming online for convenience and ease.

However, one thing I do believe is that face to face PT will never die out. Online coaches and apps are great for those who are 100% committed and motivated towards a goal, but from my experience most people who know they need to change aren’t always motivated enough to get through a workout that isn’t being monitored. I’ve had clients admit to me they’ve started one of my on demand workouts and when they thought it was getting too tough, they quit and only ended up doing half, now this client would never bail on my PT session when I am there and sometimes having someone to guide you in person, someone to listen to how shit your day has been and having someone to have a laugh with in person will never be out taken by online coaching.

I do believe it will convert a lot of people, but I will always train my face to face clients and I will always love having that human interaction that you just can’t beat. Although, I love my app and for lots of people it works. I think there is still such a high demand for face to face training and interaction and that will never fade. No matter what direction you choose to go down as a PT, the clientele will always be there if you know how to find it.