The f**k it button.

The big imaginary button that can change your life massively. The F**k it button can have it’s positive out comes and negative out comes. Lets look at the positives first, you can’t decide whether to go travelling... then suddenly the big button appears, something clicks in your head, and “f**k it” you hit the button and before you know it you're on a plane and you're about to make some amazing memories and experiencing the world. Good positive outcome..... people rarely regret making memories like this.

Now lets look at the negative. You’ve had a bad day at work, stress is through the roof, you're tired and fed up. You get home and you think “f**k it” and order a massive take away, over eat, miss your training session and then feel guilty and bad about what you’ve done, hit the button again to make you feel good, then you're in a never-ending circle. This is absolutly OKAY now and again but it can become a endless cycle and hard to get back out of if done regularly.

These two situations are both emotion based decisions, with two hugely different outcomes and just examples, that I’m sure you can relate to. Most of the time when we make decisions they are emotionally driven, now when it comes to your health and fitness, how can we avoid hitting the “f**k it” button often?

Well I say to my clients, change the button so now there are two, a red button and a blue button. The red button can lead to a negative outcome, the blue positive. Before you hit the red or the blue think of the out come it may have. If you get stressed and turn to food or drink.... are you going to be able to stop, is one bad day going to lead to a bad week and then month? Or is that break going to be the break you need and you will be able to jump back into routine?

The point I’m getting at here is learning how to control your emotions, if you find yourself hitting the red button more often, then look at what causes you to hit that button and actively try to change that because that will ultimately be the thing causing you to not meet your goals.

It's worth looking at the things that are causing you to hit the button and working out if you can control them. Maybe its your job, your relationship or your financial situation. These are ALL changeable factors. If, however you can’t control them, then learning how to cope in a different or positive way.

The take home from this…focus on controlling the controllable and think before hitting the RED “f**k it” button.